Have you ever been in need of a place to rehearse? Or perhaps you’ve had trouble searching for a studio to practice in, teach a private or maybe start up a new class or throw a salsa party? Well look no further.

Madison Dance Studio is the perfect place to suit your needs. Our 2100 sq. ft. space is ideal for teaching, practicing or hosting parties and events.

The large area has an entrance area that can be used to welcome guests. An optional curtain can be used the shield the main area from outside view. There is an area with a small bar for serving beverages or appetizers.

One side of main area has 8 tall mirrors ideal for classes and curtains to cover them when the occasion is more social. There is a sofa and several comfortable benches with tables on the outside walls. The studion also has variable controlled lighting and air conditioning.

Great parking around the facility.

Contact us today for more info and pricing:
Edgar @ 901-484-6999